Digital Wiz Marketing 

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur in the making, you’re most definitely going to need to check out Digital Wiz Marketing !! 

This company is truly one of a kind and goes above and beyond for each and every one of its clients. Digital Wiz Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency. They specialize in creating websites, apps, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, ppc ads, as well as social media marketing. 

If you are wondering how to create an online presence for your business, then be sure to go check out their blog. They offer an array of material and multiple resources, that can help your business a great deal. 

Be on the look out for this company in 2017 and they are aspected to leave a lasting impression on the world of digital marketing as we know it. I hope this informational was helpful and would love to hear your feedback as to what you think of this company. 

Here is the link to their website!! 


Lucrative Home-Based Business Continued… 

So in the previous post I spoke briefly about starting/running a home based business. 

Of course starting a business is a time consuming daunting task, that takes a significant amount of time if done correctly. 

In the early stages of any business there are many questions that the business owner will have, especially if this is their first time starting a business. 

What business should I start? What kind of marketing will be most effective? How many employees do I need? How do I handle my taxes? 

These are amongst a few of the questions a business owner will have in the beginning stages of starting a business. Now I’m going to give my opinion of the best options for a new home based business to run. 

In my opinion there is no better option then joining United Credit Restoration Services. Joining a business like this gives you everything you need out of the gate and makes for a rather smooth process. 

Joining a business like UCRS is in my opinion the best choice for an entrepreneur looking to gain immediate residual income. 

When joining UCRS you have the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of residual income, rather quickly. Now of course no business is going to be easy, and is most definitely going to take time… But as far as exchanging time for money there’s no better way to go! 

UCRS offers one of the highest commissions out of any MLM company. You receive $100 per referral and are always paid in a timely manner. 

When starting/joining a business you always want to be sure to join a market where this is an actual need for your services. In this day and age there is no greater need for credit repair. With the economy going up, down, left, and right there is always a need for consumers to fix their credit so they’re able to get the most out of life. 

The great thing about starting a business where there is such a need for your services is that the clientele is abundant and seemingly unlimited. Not to mention that you’re helping people get there lives on track and to move in a positive direction. 

Joining UCRS gives you an opportunity to start a business where the need is great and the reward is even better. In my opinion there’s no better business to start then a business where you are helping the community. You’re helping the community to achieve the desired lifestyle. Also you are educating the community and teaching them to make responsible decisions. 

With a commission scale of $100 per sale you’re able to see drastic changes in your monthly income with minimal effort. This allows for you to truley take the time needed to learn to system and master your craft. 

I’ve seen a many of people take the leap into the entrepreneurial world and capitalize and change their lives drastically. It gives you the opportunity to  do the things you desire in live. No one wants to be couped up in a cubicle counting the seconds each day till they are off work. Joining UCRS gives you the opportunity for absolutely financial freedom as well as freedom to do what you please on a daily basis. 

Joining a company like UCRS is a sure way to start a profitable business if you simply follow the instruction given to you. The company will give you an array of marketing materials and supply you with numerous tactics to sign up as many customers as possible. 

Like I said earlier you won’t find higher commissions from any other company out there. I always recommend when first getting into the business to set reasonable goals so that you can easily track your process. What makes UCRS unique from other companies is that they are picky who they allow to promote their product and they truley believe in putting the needs of the customer first. I recommend you hop on with UCRS while you have the chance, it’s something you won’t regret. To get started with UCRS simply email 

Good Luck on your journey of financial freedom and independence!! 

Lucrative Home Based Business!! 

Does working from home appeal to you? 

Having the opportunity and freedom to make money wherever and whenever you want? 

Many people parade around life hating their jobs and hating their careers. In my opinion freedom is the greatest gift on earth!! 

Why live your life in a cubicle or clocking in a 9-5 everyday making half of the money you could make running a proper home-based business and having the freedom to do as you please. 

Now the problem for many people is taking the leap from the safety and security of a 9-5 to become a business owner. 

I’ll be honest with you of course it’s going to be scary at first. Many people fear the unknown and that’s what prevents them from living their dreams. 

The reality of the situation is, you are going to have to take this leap and do as Nike says and “Just Do It”. 

Now I’m not saying just jump into something and take a risk without a plan. 

As an entrepreneur I calculate every risk I take and make sure the risk reaps the proper reward. 

Before jumping into running your own home based business of course you should have your ducks in a row. 

First… And above all you should have the proper amount of money saved to survive for a minimum of 3 months (especially if this is your first time doing anything like this). 

Second.. You should do the proper research on whichever MLM company you are jumping into bed with. 

Third… Plan what market you are targeting and have an idea of what customers you’re going to sign up ahead of time. 

Fourth .. Work your ass off and create the lifestyle that you want to live. At the end of the day! The balls in your court and its up to you to make it in this industry. 

Now this may sound crazy… But the one thing that I can promise you .. Is FINANCIAL FREEDOM!! 

(This post is short..sweet.. and to the point! I will have more post following that go into more detail)!! 

I hope this helped someone.. My goal is for one person to take the leap and take control of their life. As long as just one person gives it a shot.. Then my job is done and I have fulfilled my life obligation of introducing regular working Joes to a world of independence and freedom! 

Finding Your Path… 

Finding your path is not an act of searching.

It is an act of allowing.

When you let go of what you think should be, you allow what is meant to be.

While this may sound trite, it is simply the act of following your heart moment by moment.

Your purpose is already built into your being.

When you follow your heart, your inner GPS, you are nudged in the right direction.

Because what finding your path comes down to is living life to the fullest.

It comes down to following what feels alive to you, and doing your best, in this moment.

Questions To Ask Before Joining A Network Marketing Company!

Asking the right questions can help you decide whether you want to become part of a network marketing company. Ask the following questions (before you invest your money) to get some information you need. If you like the answers, you may find a network marketing opportunity that’s right for you.
Would the integrity of the company’s leadership inspire you to follow them?
Is the company mission-driven or get-rich-quick motivated?
Does the company’s corporate philosophy fit your personal philosophy?
Does the company’s product sell at retail?
Does the company have a proven and effective training program?
Does the company’s product line include a reasonable number of consumables?
Does the company depend on glitz, glitter, and hype to sell its opportunity, or will the company and opportunity survive a factual examination of the claims made at company-sponsored opportunity meetings?
Would the company’s income and product claims pass muster with regulatory bodies, or do they sound too good to be true?
Would the opportunity give you a real chance to make a positive difference in the lives of those you sponsor into the business?
Does the company want to load you up with products that you must sell before you can recoup your investment?
Does the company tell you in understandable terms what volume of activity you must maintain in order to receive the residual income from the organization you have built?
Does the local Better Business Bureau have a file of unresolved claims against the company?
Do you expect the company or your upline to bring people into your business or do your work for you?
Are you totally convinced of the righteousness of your cause and of its value to those you will work with?
Do you understand why it’s important to become a product of the product?
If you succeed with this company, would you have more of the things money will buy and all the things money won’t buy?

5 Ways To Turn Every Customer Interaction Into An Opportunity!

You started a company. You built a product. You shipped it to customers. Now the fun really begins! You’ll need to deal with complaints. Shipping issues. Lost messages. And maybe a bug or too. So, this next suggestion might seem like just another hassle for your small business, but: If you put customers first in everything you do, you’ll see that complaints are just another chance to wow them.

Here are six things we’ve learned at that you can do to rally your business around your customers so you can turn every interaction into an opportunity.

1. Wow and celebrate your customers.

To build strong relationships with customers you need to impress them at every step with fast, empathetic service and quick case resolution — even for the most complicated issues. There are dozens of ways to show extra support. If your customers are consumers, send them an email on their birthday. Celebrate milestones for your business customers (like successful VC fundraising) with a custom cake and handwritten notes. Provide extra visibility by giving away their products at tradeshows or as employee gifts.

Also: Mentor customers who need help in any business area, whether that be marketing, sales, event management or anything else. Don’t justbe in the business of selling your products. Be in the business of helping customers succeed.

2. Practice total company support.

To build a customer-centric company, have everyone in your company interact with customers on a regular basis. Start by training every employee at your small business to participate in customer service. Ideally, everyone from the CEO to the receptionist should be able to pitch in and help with customer support during busy times.

Customer service training should also be part of your onboarding process and an ongoing part of every job. (Which makes sense: After all, customer service is the best way to learn about your customers and products.) Even if learning about customer service isn’t currently part of your onboarding process, it’s not too late. Order some pizzas on a Friday afternoon and get everyone trained so they can jump in to help customers at a moment’s notice.


3. Give everyone 360-degree customer views.

Today’s customers expect everyone in your company to know who they are, what they’ve ordered and whether they’ve had problems in the past. Not to mention what they said on Twitter last week.

When you connect all of your support channels and the apps you use to run your business, everyone can be “in the know” about customers. Support agents can see order histories, open opportunities and even shipping status. Sales reps know when a customer needs help. Today’s cloud-computing solutions make it easy to integrate systems and share information, so everyone can be more productive and do a better job of building relationships.

4. Use technology to be more personal.

Many people worry that as technology becomes more sophisticated, the personalized touch will go by the wayside. Not true! If you use a customer-support solution that captures interactions from every channel in one place, you’ll know your customers wherever you meet them. And, if you get a solution that lets you automate repetitive tasks, you can free your agents to craft personalized messages that build loyalty and reinforce your brand.

Encourage agents to sign their own names, to put a “face” on the communication. In today’s business, a personal touch is not just for top customers, it’s for everyone.

5. Capture feedback and act on it.

Many startups spend a lot of time and money building products that customers ultimately don’t want. Remember Pepsi A.M.? Heinz E-Z Squirt purple ketchup? Customer service feedback can help you avoid costly mistakes. Unlike product management or marketing teams — which talk to customers only from time to time — your agents talk to real customers every single day. They can tell you how customers are interacting with your product and if they’re having problems.

These insights should drive your important product decisions. And, if you track your support cases carefully, you can see what modifications and features customers would like to see in your product or what their biggest pain points are.

6. Make support part of your experience.

Start simply by creating a support center that reflects your personality and brand. You can make it even easier for customers when you make it possible for them to stay within your product when they need help. Add support-center links to relevant pages on your site. Or add a way for customers to log tickets within your product experience.

Companies like Amazon are even adding “SOS buttons” to their products. So, do something similar: If there’s some way that you can see when customers are having trouble, reach out before they even have a chance to pick up the phone.

Ready to put customer service at the center of everything you do? Start now and start turning every support interaction into an opportunity for customer happiness.